As a child growing up during the 60’s Bill found the love of the outdoors and the freedom it supplied. He was constantly on adventures in the woods, fields and river around his home in Essex. Bill bought his first chainsaw when he was sixteen and went into the woods to begin a forty year career working in the hills of Vermont. A career that ended with him being known as one of the most skillful and respected loggers in the state. His love for the land transformed into the best forestry practices and stewardship of the forest. 

Always believing that hard work and your best effort is the way to achievement, Bill applied these principles to his writing when he retired from the woods. The Ta Ta Weenie Club demonstrates the truth of his beliefs. Here’s what some readers had to say.

“These stories are built solidly of humor with a dram of drama and much wisdom! They are full of details that truly evoke childhood in the sixties, in ways I didn’t realize I’d forgotten, but that bring it back vividly. The family relationships are real, not without conflict, but drawn with deep affection. I looked forward to reading a couple chapters every night and was so sorry when I finished the book! I hope there will be another book to follow the Ta Ta Weenie Club!!”

“This book is hilarious. Regardless of your youth adventures we all can relate to the stories Bill Torrey presents in this book. I have had the pleasure of seeing Bill tell his stories live and I must say that reading the book is much the same… engaging, thought provoking, and side splitting funny.
If you are looking for something to increase your dopamine and serotonin levels grab this book. You will not regret it!”

You can hire Bill as your storyteller, and you won’t even have to sell the farm to do it.
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He’s in bed by nine, up at five.

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